Homes for sale in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians who want to move to the United States. To see some options of houses for sale in floridaWe have selected properties from Lennar, the largest builder in the USA, for you to know right now.

Among these Florida real estate you can find varieties, such as, Townhouses, condos and single-family. These types of houses are differentiated by the number of rooms, size and also by the characteristic of the structure. Townhouses are semi-detached houses. Condos are structures more similar to what we know as apartments. And single-family properties are those that are more independent, that do not share a wall with anyone, basically.


There are several options of homes for sale in Florida that can be great choices for those seeking living or investing in real estate in the area, especially homes for sale in Orlando.

In addition to browsing all the Florida homes for sale options below, you can also contact our relationship agents directly and ask your questions about how acquire one of the properties and become informed about the entire purchase process and return on investment of the sector. Our team is able and willing to answer all your questions. To understand how it works, please contact us at contact by our form, e-mail or phone.

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