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Welcome to The Florida LoungeThe Florida Lounge is your gateway to a life full of fulfilled dreams in the heart of Florida. Founded with the purpose of creating bridges between aspirations and reality, The Florida Lounge has established itself as more than just a real estate company - we are a haven for those looking to turn their dreams into real addresses.

Our slogan, "Freedom to dream, tranquility to live & invest"reflects our core philosophy. We believe that every individual has the right to dream big and, at the same time, deserves peace of mind when taking decisive steps on the real estate journey.

Our values

  • People: At our core, we value people. We believe that it is they who give life and meaning to our work. Because, at the end of the day, it's people and their stories that are at the heart of what we do.
  • True: Honesty is the cornerstone of our existence. We seek to build and maintain relationships based on transparency and truth, ensuring that every interaction is genuine and trustworthy.
  • Education: We understand the importance of a well-informed decision. That's why we make a point of equipping our clients with all the necessary information, ensuring that their decisions are informed and assertive.
  • Experience: More than simply selling properties, we are dedicated to providing an enriching buying journey. We want every moment with us to be remembered positively.
  • Availability: We know that the search for the ideal home in Florida is a dream for many. And we're here, always available, to make that dream a reality.

Our Mission
Our commitment goes beyond simple transactions. We aspire to promote the best experience with peace of mind and security, connecting people to unique real estate opportunities in Florida. For us, every client is a story, and our goal is to be a positive and memorable chapter in that narrative.

A The Florida Lounge is more than a real estate agency. We are your reliable partner, guiding you through the fascinating world of Florida real estate. With us, you have the freedom to dream and the peace of mind to live and invest. Welcome to our Lounge.



July 2017

The Florida Lounge arrives in RJ

With an event that would change the way Brazilians buy real estate in Florida

There were 30 days of sales, in a prestigious high-end shopping center in Barra da Tijuca, which introduced the Brazilian public to The Florida Lounge way of investing in real estate in Florida.

As pioneers, our pop-up store reflected the strength of our slogan:

Freedom to Dream
Peace of Mind for Living and Investing

August 2017

First event in RJ

There were several lectures in person and online.

In a month, in our store we have provided more than 600 unique services, 100 hours of lecture content and more than $3.5 million in sales.

The following were negotiated more than $30 Million in investments in Florida.

Our event brought together all the pillars for a safe real estate purchase in Florida:

  • American construction companies
  • Diversified property portfolio
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Real Estate Financing Company
  • Companies developing EB5 projects to give green cards to investors
  • Accounting
  • Internationalization of Companies
  • English course

In addition to the presence of 4 American real estate giants:

  • Lennar Homes (largest homebuilder in the United States)
  • Park Square Home
  • The Grove Resort
  • Lancelot (with his Summerville product)

October 2017

The Florida Lounge by LENNAR

With the sales success of our first event, The Florida Lounge was invited by the largest construction company in the United States, by the then VP of International Sales - Paulo Bethencourt, to be the face of LENNAR in Brazil.

A great partnership was born that made us responsible for the LENNAR brand in Brazil.

With this partnership, the construction company's brand was licensed for The Florida Lounge and we started selling only LENNAR products in Brazil.

November / December 2017

Second event in RJ

After the success of the first event and now with the brand of the largest construction company in the United States (LENNAR) licensed to our company, the second event began The Florida Lounge.

Once again we had lecture cycles, we brought important companies to support the process of investing or living in Florida and above all we proved that with education (giving relevant and accurate information to our potential client) and the use of technology (even before it was commonplace, we already made lives to show houses to those in Brazil) it was possible for a Brazilian to invest in real estate in Florida without necessarily having to visit the property first.

Today we have the impressive mark in our Brazilian operation of 95% of sales made without our client coming to see the property in person.

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March 2018

First permanent store

With the success of the LENNAR partnership and the events held in our popup store, it was time to put down roots. 

We built our space in a high-end shopping center in Barra da Tijuca, where Brazilians could have total security in the process of buying a property in Florida. For three years, we were the only exclusive operation outside the United States for the largest construction company in the United States (LENNAR). 

May 2018

One Vacation Home

In 2018, after sales of more than $10 million in properties in Florida, we identified the need to support our clients/investors more. Choosing a good property manager was what could decide whether an investment would make a profit or not.

To further improve the dollarization process for our clients, we brought in an experienced administrator and founded One Vacation Home. 

Today there are more than 120 homes managed by One Vacation Home, generating more than $5 Million a year in vacation rental revenue, more than 4000 check-ins a year and an exclusive team capable of delivering all the demands of a vacation home.

April 2018

Presence at the Rio Boat Show

Florida invaded the Rio Boat Show at Marina da Glória, bringing the best investments from The Florida Lounge by LENNAR to an A+ audience. 

A cocktail party was also held at the same time in our store to welcome customers coming from the Rio Boat Show

November 2018

The Florida Lounge arrives in SP

After the success of the events and our store in Rio, The Florida Lounge by LENNAR arrived in São Paulo, at Shopping Villa Lobos, to expand the concept applied and apply the same innovation in the way of investing in real estate in Florida to the São Paulo public.

Our first event was attended by clients from Rio de Janeiro who made a point of being present at this new stage for the company.

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April 2019

Brock Nicholas & Lennar Orlando Executive Team

With the help of The Florida Lounge, LENNAR's sales volume in Brazil stood out in the company's results and with it in April 2019 we welcomed the president of LENNAR ORLANDO, Brock Nicholasas well as several other members of the LENNAR ORLADO executive team so that they could get to know our two stores and understand a little more about the disruptive process we have created.

June 2019

Mobiliare Home

With the volume of sales high and our level of demand and service, it was time to leave behind the outsourcing of the vacation home decoration service, and put more of The Florida Lounge's expertise into the buying and investment journey of our clients/investors.

This gave rise to Mobiliare Home, which positions itself as a furniture store, thus buying directly from the factories at more competitive prices, which allows us to make more luxurious and decorative homes for our clients with the same amount of financial resources.

Decorating a vacation home is a complex task, as it needs to harmonize the tastes of our clients, the budget so that profitability makes sense, furniture made for hospitality and decoration that attracts people to rent more.

October 2019

Leo Martins becomes a Broker

Until that moment, we were a company operating on Brazilian soil for sales here in Florida, because we still lacked an important step: to become a real estate company in Florida and not just licensed salesmen in the State of Florida.

With this step, The Florida Lounge Realty was born, and we began to build a more extensive sales team on American soil. 

Today, we have teams in Brazil, Orlando and Miami.

December 2019

Box at the Amway Center

Another innovative step, at the end of 2019 we moved to an exclusive box for clients of the group's companies to attend all events at the Amway Center. 

We were the liveliest cabin in the whole area.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the pandemic at the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020 curtailed this project, which we hope to reactivate soon.
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January 2020

Mission & Values

Still unaware of what was to come, we gathered for our first corporate retreat in Tampa. There, we translated all our maturity, processes and beliefs up to that point and our mission and values emerged.

Unlike most companies, we wrote down what we already were, our mission and values weren't aspirational, they were a reality... all we had to do was write them down. 

March 2020

Global pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, our business model had to be reinvented. 

With construction at a standstill in Florida, stocks getting lower and lower and our stores closed, it was time to do online what we were already doing in person.

We create and apply a robust digital strategyThe company has remained in existence until today and it was no longer possible to be the representative of a single construction company. 

With this and many thanks to everyone for the trust that LENNAR has placed in our company and which was honored with volumes of sales and a passion without measure needed to come to an end.

We returned the trademark and canceled the exclusive contract.

April 2020

Webinars: our online presence

During the pandemic, every Tuesday our broker Leo Martins interviewed someone from the real estate market to bring high-level knowledge and information.

In addition to the real estate market, we interviewed

  • Doctors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Immigration Lawyers 
  • Experts in the hospitality market
  • And many others

We took advantage of the moment to carry out our values and mission to the letter and thereby strengthen our digital strategy and online presence.
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March 2021

Real Estate in Florida

With the recovery of the economy and the reduction of health measures pointing to a near end to the pandemic, The Florida Lounge presented a webinar with data and forecasts on the real estate market in Florida.

November 2021

Interview in Entrepreneurs of Success

At the end of 2021, we were invited to give an interview about the Florida real estate market for Empresários de Sucesso, the largest entrepreneurship channel in Latin America. 

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April 2022

New house in RJ

With the return of in-person activities, and the reopening of the malls, The Florida Lounge turned a difficult period into strength and we reopened our Rio lounge at a new address.

We were very well received at CasaShopping in Barra da Tijuca where we have a larger store than the previous one and with a highly trained team to help all our clients in their real estate investment process in Florida.

June 2022

Pre Launch ICON192

2021 also brought new opportunities for The Florida Lounge. We were chosen as real estate agency responsible for the launch and sales strategy of a commercial building with 92 rooms.

ICON192 is an innovative project located in the heart of Orlando, scheduled for delivery in October 2024.

At the pre-launch we sold 80% of the available rooms and today only 13 of the 92 rooms are still available.

November 2022

Interview on RAP77

In November 2022, our participation in Junior Coimbra's Rap77 videocast took place inside one of the 120 homes managed by One Vacation Home. 

The interview was a relaxed chat with our broker, Leo Martins. 

November 2022

The Outside Lounge

2022 was also the year to make our customers' journey even more special.

With clients and partners demanding construction services, The Outside Lounge was born. With our expertise and up-and-coming specialists in the construction industry, The Florida Lounge can now guide its clients through the purchase and construction of Spec Homes.
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April 2023

New home in São Paulo

Our presence in São Paulo has also changed address, now with a modern and exclusive office in Alphaville. 

This guarantees The Florida Lounge experience with a service dedicated to bringing the São Paulo public everything about the real estate investment market and the best deals in Florida.

May 2023

Interview for Inteligência Financeira

Leo Martins, Broker at The Florida Lounge, gave an interview to Inteligência Financeira about the Green Card for EB-5 investors. 

This visa (Green Card) is for investors. The article has all the details for those who want to understand the process a little more.

May 2023

Interview for Money Crunch

For Money Crunch, Leo Martins, a broker at The Florida Lounge, spoke about the importance of dollarizing assets and strategies for making better returns and circumventing crises and political uncertainties.

June 2023

Interview for InfoMoney

Leo Martins, Broker at The Florida Lounge, gave an interview to InfoMoney about the process of financing real estate in the United States and all its advantages!

In the article, he talks about all the investment possibilities and access to credit lines, as well as giving tips on how to get around rate variations after the first few years of the contract and why Florida is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians.

August 2023

Participation in the Nada de Pânico podcast

A group of professionals from the T/I market created a very interesting Podcast channel which, in 2023, featured a series of interviews with people who had decided to live in another country.

Our broker Leo Martins gave an interview to the channel, talking about his challenges and achievements as an immigrant in the USA, giving tips and sharing everything about his adaptation process.

September 2023

2023 YPN Orlando Awards

Our broker Jen Dantaswas one of the nominees for the 2023 Class of YPN 20 under 40 Rising Star Awardsfrom the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association.

Rewarding Orlando's 20 best realtors under 40.

Congratulations on your achievement Jen, ours is to have you on our team.
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They brought me this concept that I could have comfort, with a modern unit that I could book when I wanted to use it with my family and rent out for the rest of the year. I liked the idea and bought it. My daughter liked it and my friends also liked it and bought it.

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You fall into the right hands with The Florida Lounge. Advice in every sense, welcome, guidance. I felt super comfortable. In love with the team, I highly recommend them.

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I fulfilled more than a dream by dollarizing my assets. I understood the security of a dollar asset and the peace of mind it brings. I'm happy with the property's appreciation every year.

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The best properties in Florida are here
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The latest news from the American real estate market and the best deals in Florida.
WHO WE AREThe Florida Lounge
We connect you to the best real estate deals in Florida.
OUR LOUNGESWhere to find us?
Find The Florida Lounge
STAY UP TO DATEFollow us on social media
The latest news from the American real estate market and the best deals in Florida.

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